Alpha North

What We Do

Alpha Esports vertical marketing strategy builds value and growth across sister companies, partnerships, and acquisitions as multiple integrated revenue streams.

Alpha Esports Strategic Revenue Model

Youth Development Programs
Online Events & Qualifiers
Streaming Adversity
Exclusive Tournaments
GamerzArena Plus
Advanced Data Tracking
VIP & Exclusive Tournaments
Twitch Feeds
Twitch streaming. Digital advertising. Exclusive events advertising.
Sponsors & advertising
Sponsorship of online tournaments, pop-up events and corporate sponsorship
Vancouver Whitecaps Partnership

An Opportunity. The first of its kind.

Alpha Esports, in partnership with the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club will create an exclusive ecosystem of online qualifiers, tournaments across Canada, and provide an esports development platform utilizing GamerzArena Plus.

40,000 members of the Whitecaps youth development league are eligible for GamerzArena Plus & other Alpha Esports programs.

This is just the first of many partnerships with professional sports franchises. The MLS, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and other leagues will have the opportunity to partner with Alpha Esports to create successful Esports platforms for their franchise.

Player Development
The Problem

No clearly understood path to stardom has been developed

  • Access to the top has been tightly controlled by content providers who solely promoted their own online platforms and celebrity players.
  • Alpha Esports believes community-oriented solutions focused on talent and skill are the path to sustainable business growth.

Sports Franchises & Organizations

  • Need to establish & develop Esports programs.
  • Connecting their fan base, potential youth players & professionals to their franchise.
The Farm Team Concept

Alpha Esports doesn’t intend to reinvent what has worked well in the sports world – it just plans to adapt and plug-in technology to make it better.

  • Every sport has junior leagues. Alpha Esports’s integrated player tracking technology can spot talent and engage directly with prospects.
  • Alpha Esports leverages its online platform by allowing gamers to access data, online Esports coaching and exclusive tournaments.
  • Player development creates compelling online content; awards are won, winning players move upward becoming influencers and brand assets.

Associations Look For

  • Player skill building.
  • Dedicated platform catered to their franchise.
  • Ability to monetize player skill & professional leagues.
The Result

Alpha Esports develops talent from amateur to professional gaming, providing gamers an avenue to reach stardom in Esports.

  • The entire concept is packaged and offered to interested brand partners.
  • Sustainability is achieved from the bottom up.
  • We create loyal Alpha fans, players, stars and legacies.

Alpha Esports Delivers

  • GamerzArena Platform.
  • Live Tournaments.
  • Youth & Professional Development.
  • Exclusive Content.
  • Stats/Data Tracking.
Coast to Coast - connecting with gamers, bringing them closer to the action. Companies can selectively sponsor in locations that best suit their needs.
Live Events & Tournaments
  • Ideal for sponsorship opportunities.
  • Ability to develop segments such as instant commercials on-the-spot.
  • TV sports programming.
  • Live performances.
  • Display screens show commercials & video clips; for sponsors, celebrities attending event, etc.
  • Broadcast centre displays to large screens and casts to streaming channels online for global viewership.
  • Show entertainment on one screen (esports, sporting event, live performance) while showing corporate branding opportunities on additional screens.
  • Maximizes sponsor investment.

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Local Arenas

A Robust Gaming Platform

Gamers are the new stars. Esports arenas are the new movie theaters.

“Those 150 million gamers in America want to gather. They want to sit next to each other, elbow to elbow, controller-to-controller.”

Bringing tournament play into communities

  • Creates social atmosphere for gamers to engage with each other, hang out and watch their peers compete live and on-screen.
  • Introduces players to Alpha integrated services and ability to enter player development program.
  • Talk with pros in person or online, participate in special events, workshops and remote tournaments.
  • Access to merchandise, games and sponsor brands.
  • Concept can be franchised via regional master licenses.
  • Alpha to hold real estate assets, control ticket sales, gaming revenues and licensing.

Alpha Neighbourhood Arenas

Additional verticals: Special Events, Affiliates, Courses, Licensing & Open Times

Online platforms

– Streaming Twitch, Mixer (Ads, Subs, Affiliates, Donations, Sponsors)
– Content: YouTube (Ads, Subs, Affiliates, Donations, Sponsors)
– Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
– Influencers


– Current users (Members & Guests)
– New Member Campaign
– Benefit Tiers
– Pricing Tiers


– ID Tourney’s for Academy
– Monthly FGC, FPS, Sports, BR Titles
– Collaboration with Watch Parties
– Majors
– Alpha Exclusive Collaborative Series – Local TO’s

Academy & Youth

– Academy Registration
– Youth Competitive & Rec Leagues
– After School Program
– Summer Camp & ID Camps
– Fundraisers


– Party Packages
– Tournament Specials
– Theme Nights
– Member Privileges


– Alpha Esports Arena
– Media Studio
– Website & Social Media
– Streams & Content
– Apparel
– Tournaments and Special Events


Alpha Esports will work with game developers, fashion-forward brands, designers, sponsors and event partners

to develop and introduce seasonal and event-specific fashion and accessory products based on data and trend analysis earned from our integrated platforms and ongoing audience interactions.

Top players and influencers will be introduced to our sponsor program to feature clothing and merchandise online and in relation to world-class teams and events.

All merchandise will be offered for sale online or at live events as part of a specific revenue-generating strategic marketing vision to build and grow audiences.