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Share of Worldwide Esports Market Revenue by Region (2019).

North America


Republic of China


South Korea


Rest of the world

Right Now

Revenues flow from media rights, live event ticket sales, merchandise sales.


Comes from in-game purchases, sponsorships and advertising. (Source: Newzoo/Statista)


Asia-Pacific (APAC) serves over half (57%) of global Esports viewership (Per: Newzoo).


North America at $300M (per PwC).


Latin America, targets $18M in 2019 projected to hit $42M by 2023 (per PwC).


Europe at $138M (per PwC).

Esports Viewership Has Grown Rapidly

Data provided by Newzoo, Statista & Business Insider

Brands & Sponsors

Brand spending on esports sponsorship and advertising worldwide from 2015 to 2020 (in million U.S. dollars)

Brands & Sponsors

Youth in Esports

Youth sports participants in the USA — current & projected.

Gaming Video Content - GVC

More people watch GVC than HBO, Netflix, ESPN and HULU combined.

The audience for GVC is more than twice the size of the U.S. population


Population of the U.S.A.

Gaming video content refers to online videos and live streams related to all things gaming. Watching has become a mainstream activity thanks to widespread acceptance of games and the availability of easy-to-use platforms for consumers and creators.


Worldwide gaming video content viewers (2017)

Participation Factors

Esports Revenue & Gaming Growth

Global esports revenue projections through 2022

Data provided by Business Insider and Newzoo.

Esports Market Revenue Worldwide by Segment

2019 Data provided by Statista and Newzoo